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In Turbulent Times

Hello, faithful readers. I just came back from a trip to Houston, Texas and we had a little bit of turbulence. My emotions started to get stirred up to try to get the best of me. I had to remind myself that I needed to not panic.

Regardless of what we cannot control in life, we can control our emotions. Emotions are needed to express what we feeling inside of us. Understanding the why we are feeling them is important in order to navigate our lives. Once we understand they why, we can face the root of it.

When the root cause is fear, confront it by not living willingly with fear. Fear paralyzes you to the point you are stuck. Time seems to be passing you by without your consent. How can you get rid of fear?

Exposing the lie that brought fear into your life! The moment you remember it, you will have to choice do I keep believing it. When you decide, absolutely not! Then you must acknowledge you will reject it once and for all. Afterwards, say you will believe that love conquers all! You see perfect love cast out fear!

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.” 1 John 4:18

Peace, Love, and Joy!

Sandra Ivette Miranda

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