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Embracing Authenticity

Hello, loyal readers! Is it me or is time flying by like a shooting star in the middle of the dark night? I believe that as technology continues to accelerate like the speed of light, we need to be conscientious of our time. With that said, I am not only referring to our environment but to our inner self.

Since time is an invaluable commodity, it is critical to factor in who we want to interact with and why we are connecting with them. To answer that question, we must first analyze what is important to us. Do you have the answer to this question? If so, you are authentic to who you are. If you are not sure, let’s dive deeper into the subject.

What is authenticity? It is defined as genuine, trustworthy, reliable, representing a true nature of belief. Psychology today states, “being authentic involves the ability to be introspective and understand what motivates oneself. Would you consider yourself authentic?

How can you determine if you are authentic? Align your actions with your core values and beliefs. Measure your decisions with a plan of actions that will not be in contradiction with your true self. Stand up boldly and speak truthfully even if you are not popular.

Know that at the end of the day, when you look at yourself in the mirror, there are no regrets. You have been true first and foremost to yourself. Secondly, you are genuine to others around you. Lastly. but not least, you are wholeheartedly sincere to God. He sees it all!

Embrace authenticity like a warm cozy blanket in the coldest of winter. Always have it cover you. You will see that when you are authentic, your time, your relationships, your environment will be an oasis of blessings. With that said, I want you to always remember, “Be fearlessly authentic!”

“But you, be strong and do not lose courage, for there is reward for your work.”

2 Chronicles 15:7

Peace, Love, and Joy!

Sandra Ivette Miranda

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