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The Power is in Your Hands

Good day everyone! It is so good to be with you today knowing that we are going to spend some time together to bring words of hope and encouragement. Today, I want to share the illustration of a story I read last week by Eli Gonzalez. A rebellious teen, holding bird in his hand behind his back approached his mentor. He was frustrated because the mentor corrected him in front of someone, albeit with gentleness and love. Being that this mentor was talking to several people, he sought a little payback.

“Teacher, I have a bird in my hand, do you think it’s alive or dead?” While the mentor pondered the question, the teen thought to himself, if he says it’s alive, I’ll squeeze it and kill it. If he says it’s dead, I’ll show it to him alive.

“So, teacher, is the bird dead or alive?”

The mentor answered, “The power is in your hand. The real question is, are you a killer or a

giver of life?”

Oftentimes, trying to prove someone wrong, we lose sight of who we are and what we’re capable of.

The bird represents your hopes and dreams. Whether that bird lives or dies should not be up to anyone regardless of how you feel, regardless of how someone has hurt you, and regardless of your current situation. The power is in your hands. You can either kill your dreams, your marriage, your relationships, your financial situation, your health, and any chance of a lasting legacy- or, you can allow them all to live.

Anger, hatred, and a desire to prove someone wrong are horrible masters. Go after what you want with a mindset of creating abundance and living with generosity.

The power is in your hands. No one else’s hand.

You can be loving and fearless at the same time. Be both in words and actions!!!!

Peace, Love, and Joy!

Sandra Miranda


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