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“The Greatest Impact”

What is the true motivation in what we do, say, or think? That should be the question we should ask ourselves when we are faced with a person, decision, or situation. When we stop and reflect this internally, we will be able to live a more congruent life. You will be true to


This will impact greatly your environment you are in. It is critical to be aligned with your true beliefs and convictions to be able to have the greatest impact in your sphere of influence. There will be transparency and consistency that will speak loudly than words could ever possibly achieve.

Looking internally can and is scary! I can attest to that, for sure. However, it is vital to be able to be at peace with yourself. Contemplate yourself in the mirror and ask what are your core values? What is important in my life? Write them down and meditate on them.

Don’t let your motivation be of sense of duty, guilt, or compulsion. You will start to resent it internally and it will manifest in sarcasm, bitterness, and anger. Those around you will sense it but may not express it verbally. Let your basis of true motivation be founded on selfless love.

Let every day be a reminder of what you want to be and do before leaving this home called Earth. Leave a permanent footprint and legacy for others to be an example of who you influenced and impacted. Always be intentional in your positive words, selfless actions, and pure motives. Know that what you do, say, and/or think have the greatest impact!

“Create in me a clean heart, O God; And renew a right spirit within me.” Psalms 51:10

Peace, Love, and Joy!

Sandra Miranda

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