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Let Loose and Move Forward!

Good day my amazing readers! It is so good to get together with each and every one of you. This month is Mental Awareness Month, and I am reminded how important not only to concern ourselves with our physical bodies but also our mental wholeness. I am keenly aware the critical role mental wellness plays in our total well-being.

When we go through transitions in our lives, whether a loss of a loved one, divorce, job change, and all changes, we are needing to shift in several areas of our lives. The one I will be talking about in this blog is emotional attachments. Whether we are aware of it or not, we connect not only with people but location, things, and even past experiences.

Right now, I am experiencing this transition. The last component I believe that I have been attached to from my past is my house. It was purchased in the end of October of 2014 prior to all the events that occurred in my life in 2015. When I decided concretely to sell the house and started to purge to make it presentable for buyers, I started to reminisce and began getting very emotional.

It is important to release those emotions and not accelerate the process! Why? You are also purging your emotions so you can heal internally and be able to let loose and move forward freely. Ask yourself why are you feeling this way? What are the emotions you are letting go? Write them down and you will feel the release and cleansing of your inner person. Although it will have pain, it will bring acknowledgement of how you truly feel, and you will be healed

from it once and for all!

Peace, Love, and Joy!

Sandra Miranda

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