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Journey to Become the New You!

Hi, my loyal readers! It seemed like yesterday that we were celebrating the holidays with our loved ones. In fact, I was reminiscing of all the events that took place in 2021. Let me tell you, it was a lot of changes, and I am not exaggerating! It is because of these changes that I will be talking about this topic today.

Ralph Waldo Emerson states, “the only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” Now the million-dollar question is, “how do I change from my old me to become a new and improved version of myself? What is the necessary process to a total transformation?

I am so glad you asked! As I am smiling, (I know you can’t see me), you have the answer. It begins within you. Deep inside your soul, there are thoughts and beliefs that guide you every day of your life. Uncovering those thoughts and beliefs are critical to determining what are lies and what are truths.

First, write-downs the things you have accomplished. I mean what you have been able to do, get a certificate, license, personal awards, etc... Write it ALL down. Do you remember how you were able to accomplish it? Who was alongside you that was a catalyst of your success? What characteristics and traits in you did you demonstrate to reach your goal?

I want you to focus on what you did right in your life. Bring with you that same mindset, characteristics and traits will to be applied to your new dreams and adventures. In the next blog, I will be speaking about the roadblocks that can either be a risk or an opportunity for growth in your personal development. Looking forward to talking with you next week!

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7 AMP

Peace, Love, and Joy!

Sandra Ivette Miranda

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