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A Simple Hug

Hello, my loyal readers! On this day I want to share with you a very impactful act for everyone. If you looked at the title of the blog, I mean a simple hug. We take this act as less important than what it really is. From personal experience, I have had healing through it.

When given wholeheartedly, it emits an energy of love and comfort that pierces any word or phrase it may make in the person. A few days ago, a person who appreciates me sent me a few words on this topic. It is my desire to be able to share with you so that you can have a deep feeling of giving others this precious gift.

"A simple embrace touches our hearts; it welcomes us and makes life more bearable. A hug is a way to share joys as well as the sad moments that are presented to us. It's just a way of telling our friends that we love them and that we care about each other because the hugs were made to give to those we love.

The hug is a great thing. It's the perfect way to show the love we feel when we don't get the right word. It's wonderful because just a hug given with a lot of love makes those who give it feel good, regardless of the place or the language because it is always understood."

On this day forward, my challenge for everyone reading this blog is to intentionally do this act of love and kindness to other people. You will see that they will not only impact those you embrace but yourself. I want to give each person a special hug from me! With all my heart, you are special to my life.

"Love one another with brotherly love; with honor, give preference to one another." Romans 12:10

Peace, Love, and Joy!

Sandra Ivette Miranda


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