Why am I writing this book? You are the reason I am writing this book. I don’t want you to stay stuck where you at motionless. In the midst of it all, there is good news! I can show you how to come out of fear, rejection, grief, anger, hatred, sadness, disappointments, and loss. I will share with you, through my personal story, what I have faced so you can learn and apply valuable truths from them.

Although one cannot change the past, one can move forward in what has been learned and apply its wisdom. It is a personal intentional active decision to continually strive for complete wholeness. To me, you are that important! Would you allow me to come and help you? As others did for me in my journey, I want to wholeheartedly do for you. My personal pledge to you is this. When you apply the principles learned in this book, you will be able to fully experience a new hopeful outcome in your life… Masterfully Crafted.

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Pastor, and Visionary Strategist, Sandra Miranda

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